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Our Mission

WMHA aims at providing and promoting advocacy, education, support, public awareness to all the individuals and families globally affected by mental illness, and apply the knowledge of psychological science to profit society and improve lives.

  • Bring Awareness on Mental Health and bring Positive Attitude and invoke Higher Morals in individuals globally.
  • A one-stop global Psychological advocacy platform.
  • To ascertain the problems and requirements in respect of Mental Healthcare and assess the need for additional facilities and for the purpose of corresponding with different organization’s in India and abroad offering Mental Healthcare facilities;
  • To collaborate globally with organizations on matters affecting Mental Health of a person and send delegations abroad and invite representatives of such organizations and bodies for the purpose;
  • Formulate a system and guidelines to follow for all Mental Health Consultants/ Organizations.
  • To make a mental health awareness program and centers easily assessable to the commoners by providing both online and offline services,
  • To create a one-stop global helpline desk and an easy approach for those who require Mental Help, directing them to appropriate Therapist.
  • To publish such journals, conduct researches and other publications as the Governing Board shall from time to time decide.
  • To organize symposia, seminars, conferences in order to acquaint common people of the facts and scientific principles of mental health.
  • Bring a better way to accredit Clinical Psychologists / Consultants whereas involving Psychiatrist to participate in Betterment of Mental Health of People.
  • To organize professionals, organizations etc. working for the betterment of mental health and psychology globally and to accredit or certify them;
  • To intervene in treatment of individuals with mental illnesses that can be harmful for others, and make sure persons with a known or suspected mental disease or mental disturbance, or who exhibit behaviors of community concern, are identified, assessed, receive care, and where necessary, directed to or transported to an appropriate professional, clinic or other place during a manner according to the persons’ clinical needs.
  • To protect the legal rights of the professionals in the area of psychology and to develop the controlling mechanism.
  • To approach, collaborate and associate with Govt Bodies globally to work for the betterment of Mental Health.
  • To receive donation and funds from Government agencies, public undertakings or individuals, awards or prizes for any all of the objectives of the association.