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Meet The Board

WMHA is a licensed NGO incorporated under Section 8 of Companies act 2013 with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

The NGO is limited by Gaurantee and not having shares. Every Executive Member will have a voting right and will be managed by the working committee. The Councils bylaws establish our major structural units and put in place a complex system of checks and balances that ensure smooth and democratic operations.


President is directly elected by the entire membership, and chairs the Executive Board and Council of Representatives. During his or her term of office, the president performs such duties as are prescribed in the Bylaws, as are incident to the office, or as may properly be required of the president by vote of council.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of the officers — founding members, president and appointed treasurer.

Executive Board

Executive Members elect the Executive Board which is the supreme body consisting of elected President, General Secretary, Regional President (Country), Regional Vice-President (Zone), Vice-President (Committee) and Council of Representatives from each Zone and Division

Council of Representatives

The council is a large, diverse legislative body that has sole authority to set policy. It is composed of elected members from each Zone and Division.

India has 6 Zone and USA has 8 Zone.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board shall consist of various stakeholders, including policy makers, service providers, representatives from regulatory bodies, and allied professionals and beneficiary groups. The primary role of this board shall be to guide the governing board on the issues brought to them for their opinion


Much of work is done on a volunteer basis by the members of boards and committees. Boards and committees carry out a wide variety of tasks as indicated by their names, e.g., Ethics, Membership and Accreditation. Some boards and committees have specific responsibility for monitoring major programs, such as the the journals and international affairs