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Mental Health Education

1. Pre-K to 12 Education

The outstanding faculty of psychology teachers within the WMHA enables us to highlight the market excellence prevailing within the teaching of psychology at the high school level. Valuable insights on the various psychological states can assist teachers to manage behavior problems, motivate students, assist struggling learners, handle stress, support gifted and talented youth, right from nursery to high school level.

2. Undergraduate Education –

We can prepare undergraduate students who are majoring in psychology in several fields to help them achieve success in their careers as behavioral psychologists, forensic psychologists, organizational psychologists, and beyond.

3. Graduate and Postgraduate Education –

Higher and advanced degrees in psychology and the allied fields prepare students for careers as researchers, academics or licensed clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, forensic, child psychologists, and the likes among many possibilities.

4. Continuing Education –

WMHA aims at offering some certified psychological programs through our sponsored organizations. Students and scholars can engage themselves in these programs to gain advanced knowledge about psychology and allied fields.