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WMHA aims to become a one-stop psychological advocacy platform, creating mass awareness about mental health, encouraging a positive attitude to inspire higher morals in individuals. We aim to educate, support and increase public awareness to all the individuals and families across the globe affected by mental illness by applying the principles of psychological science to benefit society and improve lives.

Why Join WMHA?

The WMHA works with its members and partners to foster sound mental health, to touch the pinnacle of standard clinical practice and upright behavior in psychiatry. While we educate, advocate, listen and guide, association with us will help understand the real-world of psychology. Get access to the best in class psychologists while taking part in our educational programs in communities spanning across India and the USA. Together, let us join hands to pave a better future for the psychologist while providing better career opportunities, specially curated for the WMHA members. Additionally, our service is cost-effective and easy to avail, thereby helping many across various walks of life.

Benefits of Membership

  • Network with Peers
  • Subscription to Mind Journal
  • Career Advancement Support
  • Get Involved in WMHA Divisions
  • Access to Member Resources
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Certification of Authenticity
  • Guideline for Professional Conducts

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Our subscriber grades are open to anyone who is interested to learn about the world of psychology.

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At WMHA, we promote career growth by carving the path to your professional development and strategic position with our career guidance. We will also provide you with certifications that are tailored for each level of your career and job transitions.


Current WMHA committees focus on editorship, ethics, membership, website, and guidelines.

Partnership with WMHA

Join hands and become a partner of WMHA to establish an efficient and sustainable network with the aim to leave a positive impression on underserved psychological state organizations on a worldwide scale while encouraging advocacy for mental health care.

Forums for active exchange

Through different types of peer groups, seminars, conferences and training, WMHA provides our members with forums for active exchange knowledge with local and national leaders, also as peers.