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Discover the various useful links and information about the variety of resources available with the WMHA members.

1. Free Resources –

Check out our free resources from the link below. We encourage you to download and use these resources as and when you please. Make sure to confirm your credit with the WMHA once you do so!

2. Directories –

A database of organizations, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other allied professionals associated and working with WMHA to improve mental health across the world.


Policies and advocacy –

WMHA is primarily the voice for mental health advocacy. We lead the way to protect all communities from preventable, serious mental health threats. WMHA, in coordination with its members, state and regional affiliates, works with key decision-makers to develop public policy in order to address today’s ongoing mental health concerns

Educational resources –

WMHA presents a comprehensive list of resources for kids, teens, teachers, students, and other professionals dedicated to mental health, education, and social learning.


Download resources for your training along with additional materials.

Screening Tools

WMHA provides a wide selection of screening tools that are available to detect common mental disorders. Following the screening, you’ll be given information, resources, and tools to help you to understand and improve your mental health.

Coronavirus resources

WMHA has curated a special coronavirus resource portal to support healthcare professionals and researchers dealing with covid-19.


Our divisions provide a space for members to connect, share ideas, access resources, and discuss the latest advances in psychology.

4. Professional Indemnity

WMHA is committed to serving the profession of psychology, not only by providing professional insurance but also by offering risk management services. WMHA works with few insurers to supply preferential rates to our members.