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Form a WMHA Affiliate

Form a WMHA Affiliate

Who are eligible to become WMHA Affiliate-

  • Existing non-profitable organizations who want to adopt the mission, the vision of WMHA
  • Groups in a location where there is not an existing affiliate, and there is an agreed-upon need for the creation of a WMHA affiliate for advocacy, education and services.
  • Groups who have a strong leader and the time, connections and resources available to dedicate to making a successful organization.
  • Hospitals that provide mental health disorder treatment.
  • County behavioral health departments and regional boards.
  • Managed care organizations that allocate resources, oversee services, and/or directly provide services.
  • Local associations of health and human services organizations.

Benefits Of Affiliate Membership –

  • Exclusive savings on promotion, and advertising opportunities that showcase WMHA’s services.
  • Recognition as a leading and visible partner, dedicated to improving the mental health of children, adults and other populations.
  • Advance notice of the newest evidence-based research and practice. Supporting global advocacy through strength in numbers
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration with colleague organizations with similar interests and concerns in other parts of the world.
  • Invaluable resources to manage to provide health care, financing, and Systems of Care.

List Of Affiliated Organizations –