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WMHA is committed to serving the profession of psychology, not only by providing professional insurance but also by offering risk management services. WMHA works with few insurers to supply preferential rates to our members.

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Thank you for reaching out to WMHA. Through our direct services, we would like to help you find the best resources to support you or your loved one suffering from any mental disorder. The recommendations represent services that we believe are well-equipped to assist you.

We’re here for you :

Despite the widespread awareness concerning mental health, in recent times, the stigma attached to mental health illness is still overpowering. However, we are still here to support you and to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. We would like to encourage you and help you talk freely about any mental health condition that you are probably facing.

Services We Provide :

1. Direct Services In Your Area

One of our WMHA affiliates, operating across the country, can provide you with guidance and help connect you to local resources.

2. Peer-run listening line

A peer-run listening line is created to give people support when they just need to talk to someone. It’s run by people who understand the struggle that comes with a mental health disorder.

3. Crisis support

Crisis support is curated for any sort of crisis, where a trained crisis counselor receives the text and responds all from our secure online platform. The volunteer crisis counselor will help you calm down, thereby alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with mental health.

4. Low- To No-Cost Mental Health Center

Discover our mental health center where we will provide you service against a remuneration that you can afford to pay, based on your income. It is a simple gesture from WMHA to let you know that we care for you and we will provide you with services, even if you have no health insurance.

5. Psycho – Therapy

At WMHA, we offer psychotherapy to individuals, groups, couples, or even families dealing with some form of mental health disorder. You’ll get cost-effective online therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. Get access to such therapies from your computer, phone, or tablet.

6. Mental Health Assessments

Are you worrying about seeking the assistance of a therapist? At WMHA, we offer a comprehensive evaluation which may help you decide about the importance of treatment along with the type of treatment plan that will best suit your condition.

Outreach Services

We offer customized training programs for a variety of organizations that work on the intersection of education, mental health, social care, and disability. We also conduct online seminars and workshops for parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals.

How You Can Help :


At WMHA, we offer help and support when people need us most. We’re here to assist you to help you with your fundraising activity too. We would like to finish suffering in silence and we can’t roll in the hay alone but through healthy teamwork.


WMHA relies on local volunteers to support the community initiatives that enable us to support people in crisis, regardless of their current location, 24 hours each day.

Learn More about Mental Disorders

The WMHA offers health information and free easy-to-read publications on various mental disorders on its website. The website is mobile and print-friendly.